JUICE Pharma Worldwide will partner with MIT Hacking Medicine to host a three-day “HackMed Health House” at SXSW Interactive 2016

Along with AbelsonTaylor and HCB Health, our own JUICE Pharma Worldwide will partner with MIT Hacking Medicine to host a three-day “HackMed Health House” workshop during the 23rd Annual SXSW Interactive Festival, which connects thousands of business leaders, artists, filmmakers and startups from around the world. The event, which also includes a hack-a-thon, will take place March 12-14, 2016 at the JW Marriott in Austin, TX.

“We are committed to making health care better,” said Dale Taylor, president and CEO of AbelsonTaylor. “Each of our agencies has clients that deal every day with managing a variety of different chronic illnesses. There are definitely similarities in the problems and concerns those chronic illness patients encounter. Why not try to find some solutions?”

The three agencies chose to partner with MIT Hacking Medicine, a nonprofit institute spun out of MIT, to examine the intersection of technology and health care and bring together stakeholders and other players in the health care system to determine how digital technology can shape people’s health, including disease and treatment trends.

“The three of our independent agencies had a notion of doing SXSW differently,” said Kerry Hilton, partner and CEO of HCB Health. “We have an opportunity to drive interest and real change at SXSW by collaborating, experimenting with new ideas, pushing boundaries and attracting thought leaders who want to change the status quo in health care.”

The three-day event will provide participants an opportunity to identify and address patient ‘pain points’ and produce constructive solutions to improve chronic health conditions that make everyday life easier. Attendees will learn firsthand how to identify a patient need in health care, design a prototype solution and turn it into a startup. The event will conclude with a “Barracuda Bowl,” where important decision-makers from pharma and venture capital will evaluate participants’ thinking and potentially award the winner with a business engagement.

“SXSW is the place where ideas turn into solutions,” said Robert Palmer, EVP and managing director at JUICE Pharma Worldwide. “We are excited to engage with healthcare start-ups, entrepreneurs, health care professionals, patients and caregivers to ‘hack’ problems associated with chronic illness and see what sticks.”

Download the full program.