Hall Of Fame

hall of fame: 2013

2013 Hall of Fame Honorees

You don't last 75 years in advertising—unless you have the right people.

Savvy, smart, strategic, each of our inaugural Worldwide Partners Hall Of Fame inductees has made a unique contribution to our evolution. Bringing an enthusiastic spirit of collaboration and proven entrepreneurial prowess to us all.

Here are the first Worldwide Partners Hall of Fame Honorees celebrated in Zurich, Switzerland at our 75th anniversary celebration.



A former Worldwide Partners Chairman and industry opinion-leader, Jon shared his ideas, engaged new agencies, and brought international business, like Avon cosmetics and FreshLook contact lenses, into the network through his 17-year partnership at kirshenbaum bond.





Dedicated champions, and utilizers of the network, Worldwide Partners founding agency Mithoff Burton in El Paso, Texas, has seen Worldwide Partners through it all—since 1938. Bill, a former Chairman, continues to contribute his time and talents to making our network work.





Over her 18-year tenure as Worldwide Partners President/CEO, Patricia took the organization from American Advertising Agency Inc. to Worldwide Partners, Inc. and on to become a shareholder corporation in the year 2000. Amongst her many accomplishments, she was instrumental in the growth of the Asian, Latin American and European regions.




An advertising legend and the ultimate branding authority, David and his leading US shop, The Martin Agency, brought independent advertising agencies into the spotlight with the creation of the first awards show for independents. He lent his branding abilities to Worldwide Partners during the 1980’s and offered his expertise at the many meetings he attended as an alumnus prior to his passing in 2012.



In addition to promoting Worldwide Partners connections with search consultants known around the world, sharing his insights and experiences in agency ownership and creating a joint-business digital venture with partner agency WE Marketing in China, Rick has helped to re-orient Worldwide Partners into an active business network. A 33-year partner as Ten United and now Engauge, Rick has also served as Chairman.



Pivotal to the development of partnerships and joint business in the EMEA region and beyond, Ingrid is a highly-responsive and collaborative partner. She has served on the Board of Directors, and her agency, Wäcthter & Wächter Worldwide Partners, a partner since 1985, is also a charter member of both the Worldwide Partners B2B and Healthcare Networks.